Tour Add-On: Spring Egg Hunt

This May, Dalby Farm will be celebrating the ‘Spring Hatch Egg-stravaganza’. Tours booked during this time will take the General Animal Tour plus will see and learn about our new chick arrivals! We will egg-splore the science of embryology from egg to chick. Post-hatch care and development of the chick will be discussed as well.Please note: the actual hatching of the birds is not part of this program.

FOR EVEN MORE EGG-CITEMENT….finish your visit by having your group partake in our SPRING EGG HUNT! Children will have fun locating and gathering the numerous plastic eggs, with candy and spring novelties inside that have been distributed in a designated area of the farm. A perfect way to end the day!

ADD The SPRING EGG HUNT* to your tour for an additional fee of:

  • Standard Egg Hunt (up to 25 children/96 eggs): $45.00
  • Jumbo Egg Hunt (up to 40 children/160 eggs): $55.00

Be sure to request an Egg Hunt when you reserve your date!

*Children will keep the contents of the plastic eggs, not the actual eggs themselves.