Unique Christmas Gifts from Dalby Farm Country Store

Shop Unique Christmas Gifts from Dalby Farm Country Store this Holiday season!

Shop for a cause!

For as long as I can remember, every Winter the farm has struggled to make ends meet. Animals need food, shelter and general upkeep no matter the time of year. The farm is limited in revenue ability. Since we are not able to offer animal tours or any of our other programs during these cold months, we rely on the sales made in our small and humble Country Store to help us get through. My mom, Cheryl, works incredibly hard to curate unique products of high quality and appeal. She even assembles the gift baskets and crates herself with her own artistic & creative flare. A ton of heart goes into this country store and I like to think that is evident the moment you walk in. Each time you purchase your holiday gifts from us you are essentially giving two gifts for the price of one, as the money earned goes right back toward farm operations and animal care.

So many options!

Let a loved one relax with a ‘Royal Treatment’ Spa Gift Crate- featuring a luxurious sea wool sponge and specialty goat milk soap & lotion. Treat a food lover with a gift pack from Nana’s Pantry – very popular!  Choose from the Pickle Lovers, Very Berry, BBQ and Fruit Butter packs- which consist of all natural & delicious jams, condiments & butters. All for a great price!

Otherwise, Nate’s Fruity Sampler, the Tea Lover’s Delight or the Honey sampler gift crates never disappoint! Country Home enthusiasts will love the selection of rustic decor – whether it be holiday themed or for year-round enjoyment! Even the cats & dogs can get a special treat!

We’re not a big box business but isn’t that awesome?

I understand that Amazon and other big corporate giants are hard to resist around the holidays. I also understand that not everyone can afford to support small local shops like ours because prices are inevitably a little higher.

Please keep in mind we have a lot of great options under $10 that will still impress! Your money goes to a better place; it puts grain in the rare Arapawa Island Goats (Satuit, Shane, Maggie & Chrissy) bellies, and hay in their racks. It gives Pumpkin the Ossabaw Island Hog plenty of straw to keep warm within his house. Your money gives our American Chinchilla rabbits, like Benjamin, water heaters so they have access to fresh water at all times. Nobody likes ice instead of water! The list goes on and on.

Not only will your recipient enjoy the items you’ve picked out for them, but they’ll also love knowing a rare farm breed is living a little bit more comfortably as a result of your generosity!

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