Update on Duck Pond Donations Fundraiser!

We wanted to share with you our ‘Fund Meter’ for our mission to finally give our rare ducks and geese an appropriate pond for their yard.


Currently we have around $950 toward our $3,500 goal. Isn’t it amazing how expensive it is?! It would be a very big project, and incredibly labor intensive.  Our ‘New England dirt’ is littered with massive rocks that will undoubtedly be difficult to remove while digging. The process alone of getting the right equipment up to the Duck yard itself will be interesting – especially when it comes time to pour the cement. We haven’t yet found any local contractors who would be willing to take on the job at a lower cost- which is completely understandable, but that’s why we’re asking for your help.

If we had the means to employ a couple farmhands, we would probably have attempted to do this ourselves, to be honest. But the current state of our farm does not allow us to do so. The reality is such that the farm makes enough money to keep itself going- not enough to expand. That being said- we look forward to improving our offerings as a farm in the coming year as to begin to change things. We want to allow more public visitations, different events that will encourage healthy activity and engagement – and most importantly- enhanced opportunities to teach the community about environmental conservation, farm life and rare breed preservation.

Donate to Dalby Farm Duck PondWe had some generous donations given to us yesterday at our Annual Country Christmas Fair, and it made me realize we should be collecting the names of the people who contribute. We hope to honor those who help us make this happen- whether we put the names in the cement of the pond, or hang a plaque. We’ll find a way!

If you’re in a situation like ours, we understand it may not be possible to donate money- especially around the Holidays. You can still help us by spreading the word about our farm, our mission and this fundraiser. A Facebook post can go a long way. Whether you contribute with money or with exposure, we will see you and appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance for helping us complete this goal. We’ve wanted it for many years but are just now gaining enough strength to really engage our supportive community to assist us in making it happen.


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