Winter Blues: Tips to overcome seasonal depression

Tips to overcome seasonal depression

Seasonal Depression

Seasonal affective disorder is very real and so are the symptoms. While many of us accept the fact that winter has to come, it doesn’t always mean we cope well with it. Millions of people around the world suffer from this disorder. While there are many tips to overcome seasonal depression, not every one will work for you!

We hope these tips help you stay positive and open to change. It doesn’t mean you’ll finally enjoy cold weather, but you could find a new beauty in it!

Keep it Bright!

Open those curtains, trim back the light blocking branches, sit by the window… keep it bright! Those affected by seasonal affective disorder suffer from the loss of daylight hours. 30 minutes in sunlight a day can be just as powerful as antidepressant medication. These days, they even have artificial light boxes that can help ensure your light intake even on a cloudy, dreary day!


We would suggest 35 minutes of exercise a day whether you suffer from seasonal depression or not. However, studies have shown that exercise in bright light for a half hour five days a week will help battle depression.  It is said to improve sleep, mental health, social anxieties and more. Keeping active in the winter is important and can help boost your mood within minutes!

Turn up the tunes!

A study was performed in 2013 that concluded upbeat music really has the power to make you happier. Next time you’re feeling down, put a playlist together on Spotify or iTunes and crank it up! You’d be surprised how quickly it works.

Get out of Town

Plan a vacation, get some Vitamin D. Clear your head! Sometimes a trip to the beach is all it takes to wipe away winter sorrows. If you’re able, consider making it an annual tradition.

The Great Outdoors

I know what you’re thinking- I hate the winter, why would I go out in it? Sometimes fresh air, a good walk and some sun is all you need to overcome the resentment. One thing is for sure, staying cooped up for months at a time is NOT the cure! Try to find things you like about your surroundings- find beauty in the snow. Sometimes it really can be mind over matter.

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