Winter Onederland Party Favors

Let’s chat about Winter Onederland Party Favors, shall we? Everybody knows the key to a memorable party is in the details. Even if your 1 year old won’t remember, you and your guests will!

Winter babies are both a ton of fun and yet difficult to plan parties for.  It is tricky figuring out how to incorporate the season without confusing it as a Holiday party.

With the popular Winter Onederland theme, the possibilities are truly endless. You just need to center your theme and run with it!

I will get into the other details of my daughter’s Winter Onederland first birthday party in future post- but for now, we’ll take a look at Winter Onederland Party Favors.


Less is more

People get easily overwhelmed when it comes to party planning. Often times the easiest things are tossed by the wayside simply because the execution appears to be too much work.

I felt the same way until I took a step back and considered my goals:

  • Everyone leaves with something in their hand.
  • It is homemade.
  • The theme is somehow represented.

I only had 25 guests to plan for, so there were plenty of relatively low-effort options to choose from.

For me, Winter Onederland meant snowflakes and pink. As you’ll read in future posts, I incorporated this in every element I could from plates to decorations. The question remained: What will my Winter Onederland party favors be?

Comfort vs. Complexity

We’ve all had Pinterest fails and have felt disappointed by them. Avoid that by selecting a favor idea that is within your ability and comfort zone.

Baking is a fun hobby and passion of mine, but I was on a deadline. With a 1 year old and another baby due in just a few months I don’t have time during the week to bake 25 cookies. I had to pick something that could last.

I finally settled on candy melt lollipops set into the shape of snowflakes. A quick purchase of pink and white candy melts and a $2.00 snowflake mold later, I was in business. I hopped over to Amazon and found some simple snowflake gift bags, and added a bag of silver Hershey kisses. Thanks to this country store I already had pink ribbon on hand to use to tie the bags / finish them off. Boom.

One Woman Assembly – it can be done!

It was really easy to get these Winter Onederland Party Favors put together. Although it would have been nice to have help from a friend or spouse- following an organized process will make it a quick and easy hour spent.

  • Have all of your ingredients at the ready: Melts in their respective bowls, spoons for each, have the clean candy mold on hand with the sticks nearby.
    On another table have your Hershey kisses, gift bags, scissors and ribbon to secure the bags with.
  • Have a plan: Once the candy is melted (smooth and warm), fill the mold in the way you like.For me, I filled the snowflake with white andfilled the background with the pink.Place the sticks 1″ into the filled mold. Scoop a little more candy melt onto the insertedportion of the stick if you can still see its outline. Work fast, the candy doesn’t stay warm long.Once your mold is full, you may either refrigerate for 10-15 minutes, or you can stick it in the freezer for 5-10.
  • Multitask! Once you’ve pulled out your first batch of lollipops, plop them out of their mold. Wrap them in saran. Go to your table. Put thedesired amount of kisses in the bottom of the bag and place the wrapped lollipop in front of them. Take a piece of ribbon and tie it twice as close to the lollipop as possible (where the stick meets the candy). Use the scissors to twirl the ribbon and voila!Repeat these steps as many times as necessary and before you know it, you’ll have your Winter Onederland Party Favors!


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